Keeping everyone on-brand.
All your up-to-date brand assets, and how to use them, in one place.

Created by a brand agency for your brand

We have extensive experience in developing brands, large and small. Which means we understand the importance & intricacies of each element that makes up a brand. We understand what is useful on a web-based brand tool and what is just fluff.

Never out of date

How many times have you opened up a brand guidelines document only for it be have been created 3 years or 4 versions ago? Is it the right one to send to your agency? Is this the document your markets should be using? With ShopKeepr, through one simple centralised update, your brand and assets are always kept up to date. No more lost logos or old files. As long as you have the URL, you’re up to date.


As part of the package we will take your existing brand guidelines document and build it into ShopKeepr for you. No fuss resizing images or adjusting copy, we do all this for you.

Customisable to
your brand

If one thing should be on-brand, it should be your brand guidelines. Your ShopKeepr will be set up to incorporate your logo, your font and your colour palette, so it truly is your product.